Tele-Primary Care Clinic (TPC) 

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Tele-Primary Care Clinic (TPC)

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TPC (Teleprimary Care) is a method of distributing health services to patients and the public by using information and communication technology facilities through fixed line communication and telecommunication satellites for 'enterprise'.


The health system in Malaysia has been providing services for rural people since it was first established. Several factors continue to be addressed include improving access, providing specialist services to the patient, providing continuous service, encourage professional members serving in remote areas. All the above factors have been set as a goal the creation of the TPC system.

TPC was developed by members of the Ministry of Health consisting of Physicians Clinical and Public Health, allied health personnel, paramedics and contractors who have been appointed. This clinic management system available for use in the primary and secondary health care. It would allow a seamless continuity of care between health clinics and hospitals. Medical personnel will be able to access electronic medical records of patients whether the health clinic or hospital, making it an excellent enterprise system health.

Facilities Involved Kulai District

• Klinik Kesihatan Kulai
• Klinik Kesihatan Kulai Besar

Benefits to patients

  1. Registration is quick and once using MyKad and MyKid
  2.  Records and patient information can be shared by medical personnel where patients seek health services (seamless care) whether in primary or secondary service.
  3.  Improve access to specialist services for patients in rural areas
  4.  Can reduce costs and travel time for appointments and referrals. Order lab tests and prescriptions can be made remotely.
  5.  Improving patient safety through more efficient record keeping.

Benefits to users

  1. Patient management more efficient through the generation of medical records in real time.
  2.  Sharing records, health information and treatment enable the continued delivery of health services without borders.
  3.  Lifelong health records can be generated.
  4.  Control of infectious diseases can be run quickly through the auto-notification.
  5.  Careplan allows the integration of all data is entered for a patient and can be saved into a single screen.
  6.  Consultation online at the health clinic and hospital and clinical guidelines available in the system TPC help reduce the digital divide for health personnel in rural areas.
  7. Report generation enables more efficient monitoring and analysis of the health situation is created.
  8.  Strategic management of health services can be made when all networked health facilities